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Kevin Schow wins 2023 Auctioneer of the Year Award

Schow Auction's own self-taught auctioneer received the 2023 Nebraska Auctioneer of the Year award from this year's convention held in Lincoln. Kevin has been a professional auctioneer for over 30 years, learning from his dad, and our company founder, Dean Schow. This prestigious award is given every year to an auctioneer who displays the characteristics and values to carry on the transparency and fairness that an auction brings. Kevin has been a member of the NeAA for over 25 years. He has placed in the Top 10 of the World Livestock Auctioneers Contest put on by the Livestock Marketing Association (LMA) several times. Congratulations Kevin! Other awards were also given out to well-deserving NeAA participants. Russ Moravec, of Moravec Auction Company in David City, Nebraska, and Miles Marshall, of Marshall Land Brokers & Auction in Kearney, Nebraska were inducted into the Nebraska Auctioneer's Hall of Fame. Becky Kliewer, of Kliewer Auction Services in Aurora, Nebraska, and Paula Hall, of Vandertook Auction Company of Lincoln, Nebraska, were inducted into the Nebraska Auctioneers Auxiliary Hall of Fame.

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