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What's the best way to sell my assets?

So, you've come to a point where you have too much stuff. Whether it be farm equipment, antiques, furniture, clothes, livestock, land, whatever it may be!

This article is to help you find the best way to sell certain items that you may be thinking of getting rid of. To start, you may need to ask these questions:

First, WHERE and WHAT is my market for my items?

Before you even think about asking yourself how much your items are worth, think about where your target market is for what you're going to sell. Is it in my town? Is it far away? Is it for old people? Is it for young people? Is it for farmers? Is it for everyday use? Think about WHAT PEOPLE would want your items and WHERE they're located.

Second, HOW MUCH are my item(s) worth?

If I only had to give one piece of advice for this section, it is DO YOUR RESEARCH. Look it up! Look on other websites:

FOR SMALLER ITEMS: (household, antiques, furniture, clothes) look at websites like LetGo, Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Craigslist, FB Marketplace, etc.

FOR BIGGER ITEMS: (cars, trucks, farm equipment, land, livestock) look at websites like AuctionTime, BigIron, Ritchie Bros, TruckPaper, etc.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Don't just look at what other sellers are ASKING for their stuff. Find RESULTS. If available, find what price items SOLD for.

Third, how much stuff do I have? What's my volume? Do I have ENOUGH to have an auction? Or should I put my few items on an online platform and sell them myself?

If you know what you have AND how to sell it, great! Put it on the web, and wait for people to hopefully buy!

However, if you have SEVERAL items, and are unsure of the time commitment or how to go about getting rid of your items for the most BANG for your BUCK, maybe you should consider having AN AUCTION!

Click here to look at different AUCTION METHODS.

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