Upcoming Auctions

Ballard Household Auction

Keith County Fairgrounds - Ogallala, NE

Saturday, May 29th, 2021 - 10:00am MT

Parker Cattle Co. Equipment Auction

6 miles north of Keystone, NE

Monday, June 7th, 2021 - 9:30am MT

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Selling May 12th & 26th, 2021

Our staff stays busy year round!
Kevin is at the Ranchland Livestock Auction Market in Wray, Co.
Leah, Kyle, & Kevin are at the Ogallala Livestock Auction Market in Ogallala, Nebraska and for Special Sales on selected Thursdays & Mondays.
Other 2021 Sales Include: 
January 18th Kevin at the Van Newkirk Hereford Bull Sale at Oshkosh, Ne.
January 27th Kyle at the Bear Mountain Angus Bull Sale at Palisade, Ne.
February 5th Kyle at the Spring Valley Ranch Bull Sale at Burwell, Ne.
February 6th Kyle & Kevin at the Graff Cattle &. Tumbling T Angus Bull Sale at Roscoe, Ne.
February 12th Kyle at the VinMar Angus Bull Sale at Gordon, Ne. 
February 13th Kyle at the Rousey Ranch Bull Sale at North Platte, Ne.
February 15th Kyle at the Rennert Ranch Charolais Bull Sale at Darr, Ne. 
February 23rd Kevin at the Haynes Cattle Co. Bull Sale at Ogallala Ne.
March 8th Kyle at the Parry Angus Bull Sale at Illiff, Co.  
March 13th Kevin at the Koberstein Farms Bull Sale at Ogallala, Ne.
March 24th Kyle at the Nebraska Bull Test Sale at Broken Bow, Ne.
March 28th Kyle at the Arrow One Angus Bull Sale at North Platte, Ne.
April 6th Kyle at the Daigger/Orr Angus Bull Sale at North Platte, Ne.
April 10th Kyle at the Hebbert Charolais Bull Sale at Hyannis, Ne.
April 24th Kevin at the Albrecht Angus Bull Sale at Tryon, Ne. 
December 10th Kyle at the Bowman Cattle Co. Bull Sale at Gering, Ne.