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Office location:  210 North Oak Street
Paxton, NE 69155
Phone:  308-239-4669 or 308-239-4297
Fax:  308-239-2397
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Select an experienced, professional and competent auction service for your auction needs.

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The Carl & Darlene Maline auction, originally scheduled for Saturday, April 21st
has been rescheduled for Sunday, April 22nd due to the inclement weather forecast.

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The Schow Auction Service Difference

We offer a complete auction service company with over 40 years of reputable experience and personal dedication to all your auction needs.

Specializing in:

Professional Service:

Back row L to R:  Keegan Schow, Kevin Schow, Kyle Schow, Ben Schow, Jay Nordhausen, Errol Nordhausen, Doug Drews.
Middle row L to R:  David Lawler, Casper Corfield, Roger Durner, Charlie Mueller, Mary Loup, Kaden Schow.
Front row L to R:  Karlee Schow, Audra Johnston, Leah Schow, Kathy Smithberg, Bailee Schow.
Not pictured:  Jared Hardin & Jay Elfeldt.

Family Owned and Operated

Schow Auction Service can manage and conduct your auction with our professional auction staff.
When you decide to sell at auction with our team, you get more than just an Auctioneer.
Auctioneers: Dean Schow (1944-2014)
Kyle Schow
Kevin Schow
Schow Realty Sales Personnel: Kyle Schow, Broker
Korey Schow (1975-2015)
Cliff Knispel & Pete Stec, Assoc. Brokers
Ring Assistance: Errol Nordhausen
Charlie Mueller
Marvin Mueller
Dave Lawler

Doug Drews
Jay Nordhausen
Casper Corfield
Jay Elfeldt
Mary Loop
Clerks: Jared Hardin
Audra Johnston
Bailee Schow
Cashier & Advertising: Leah Schow
Assistant Cashiers: Kathy Smithberg
Ben Schow
Karlee Schow


Award Winning & Recognized Service

Why choose the auctioning method of merchandising?

Each year more and more sellers are electing to market their personal property at public auction.
There are many reasons why:
  • Competitive public bidding means higher prices.
  • Auctions create excitement for your personal property.
  • You set the date of the sale and closing.
  • Quicker dispersal & closing means you have your money sooner ... reducing carrying cost.

Schow Auction Service
an experienced, professional and competent auction service

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